Competitions of the International PrintMaking Biennial in Cacak 2018

The Multi-original Art Platform in November 2018 is planning to organize the Third International Printmaking Biennial in Cacak.
The goals of the Biennial are:
• To trace and identify contemporary phenomena within the area of the art of printing
• To observe the exchange and the fusion between traditional techniques and new media, contemporary technologies, and theoretical concepts.
The Biennial will serve as a platform for regional and international artists working in the field of graphic art in order to raise the interest of professionals and art students, as well as audiences for this type of artistic discipline at the national and international levels.
The application is open to all professional artists working in the field of graphic art whose work is a product of the use of traditional techniques and/or of contemporary methods and printmaking technologies. An international jury composed of outstanding professionals in the field will decide upon a selection of works meeting the requirements of the Third International Printmaking Biennial open call.

Artists interested in applying need to:
• Fill in the application form available on the official Biennial website
• Along with the filled-in application, the submission should include digital examples of the artists’ works in high-quality JPEG or TIFF formats, using 300 dpi resolution
• The application file must not be larger than 5MB
• All documentation should be sent to
The application must be received between January 25 and August 1, 2018. By submitting the application to the contest, the artist agrees that the organizers of the Biennial have the right to exhibit, reproduce and publish works of art sent by the participating artists without prior notification to the artist.
Each author can choose to compete by submitting:
• up to 3 large prints (long side of the paper - 70cm)
• up to 3 small prints (long side of the paper - 40cm)

Works submitted for the application must have been produced during the last two years
All candidates will be notified of the results of the first selection phase by mail no later than August 15, 2018. The final list of selected authors will be published on the official website of the Printmaking Biennial.
The selected artists must send their unframed works no later than September 20th, 2018. Along with the prints, the selected artists must:
• Retrieve the work’s information form from the official Biennial website
• Fill in all the relevant fields in the form (artist’s name, country of origin, title of the work etc.)
• Print the filled-in form, and paste it into the upper right corner on the back of each original print.
• The NO COMMERCIAL VALUE notice must be included on the envelopes or tubes containing the original prints
Original prints received after the 20th September 2018 will not be considered. All necessary documentation required for the application process and for Phase Two is available for download at the official Biennial website:
Selected artists are responsible for all shipping and handling expenses. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any damage that may occur during the transport of the prints. If any damage occurs, the Organizing Committee shall record, photograph and inform the author of the same. By sending the original works, the Organizing Committee considers that the artist agrees and accepts the conditions of the Biennial.
The Organizing Committee is grateful to artists who decide to donate their works to the International Printmaking Biennial collection.
To do so, please indicate this information on the form.
• The participation fee is 30 euros. This fee covers the cost of the catalogue production, the return shipping and handling of the artists’ works and their catalogues.

• First prize - GRAND PRIX of the Biennial includes: the purchase of the artwork, the organization of the solo show during the 2020
Biennial exhibition and the Biennial plaque.
• Second prize – includes the purchase of the artwork and the Biennial plaque.
• Third prize - Biennial plaque is awarded.
• The Best Student Work - Biennial plaque is awarded.
The awarded artists will be informed at the end of phase one selection. In addition to the above-mentioned awards, several special recognition diplomas will be awarded. Prizes will be awarded during the opening ceremony of the Biennial. If the winner is absent during the award ceremony, the prize will be sent by mail to him/her, along with the works and the official Biennial catalogue.

NOTE: The organizers of the Biennial reserve the right to make all necessary changes in the conditions and deadlines of the competition, and announce them on the official website of the "Third International Graphic Biennial of Čačak 2018.”

Artworks should have been created in the period of 2016-2018.


Organizers of the Biennial for the first time introduce a section for academic papers and panel discussions as a program expansion of the 3rd International Biennial of Printmaking Arts in Cacak. The academic approach to the research of printmaking art and other art forms related to it. The objective is establishing a wider platform for research, redefinition and promotion of printmaking art in contemporary environment. The reason for such turn is the apparent multiple appearance of printmaking arts that goes beyond the traditional perceptions of the medium in professional terms as well as under educational circumstances.

Artists and scholars are invited to discuss and give lectures about changing status and role of printmaking arts relating some of the given topics:

- Institutional perspectives and independent initiatives in global art system
- Appropriation strategies in printmaking
- Print-like subcultures
- Transgressing printmedia and “outsider” technologies
- Printmaking in postmedium environment
- Edition and virtual/digital correlates
- Printmaking & Artists’ Book
- Plurality and eclecticism in contemporary prinntmaking
- Cabinet of prints as material archives of informations
- Regional perspectives

All submited proposals should include:

- Full name and affiliation
- Title
- Abstract (no more than 300 words)
- Keywords (no more than 5)

Proposals must be submitted by 10th may, 2018 at the following email address
Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration, as well as those previously presented and/or published. Each oral presentation of academic paper is limited to 15 minutes.
Each candidate can submit more than one proposal. Proposals will be reviewed by the memebers of the Academic reviewer committee:

- Irena Kečkeš USA
- Taida Jašarević BIH
- Miloš Đorđević Srbija

Selections will be confirmed by 10th may, 2018. All participants will have technical equipment on their disposal for the presentation (computer with projector).
It is advised to note in the application if specific technical equipment if needed (sound or other).

All academic papers will be published in full in the Biennial Proceedings. The length of the articals should not exceed 30,000 characters with spaces, including abstracts and literature. Academic Paper must be submitted by 01st june, 2018 to the email address
All papers must comply with the following rules:

Downloads documentation

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