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11 Oct 2018
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12 Oct 2018
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13 Oct 2018



Otvaranje izložbe Kineskih autora u Arhivu


Revitalization of printmaking art strongly propelled by print studios during 60s across the USA, such as Universal Limited Art Editions, Tamarind Lithography Workshop or Gemini G.E.L, initiated second Renaissance of...
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Education In /As Art – Miloš Đorđević

Edition in/as Art Abstract: Edition represents essential postulation in defining distinctive morphology of printmaking as unique art discipline. Title of the paper examines presumption about ambivalent status of edition in context of meanings and values of contemporary art world and in the course of actual social, cultural and economical horizon. Edition represents total number of registered identical impressions printed from the same plate or plates if print is multicolored. Possibility of making multiple and identical examples of the same image had significant social and economical impact throughout the history. Depending on cultural ambience varied the role of printed image. Edition of prints or within printed books deeply contributed the cultural and educational uplift of the societies. From the 15th century onwards, by virtue of skillful artists and artisans, various scientific ideas were translated into images that can be easily reproduced and distributed in wide circulation. Editions of prints gave rise to democratization of art and undermined the cultural and educational monopoly of the church and the monarch. Since printmaking art lost significance due to advancement of reproduction printing technology, edition of prints in art along progressed and transformed in form of work of art. Paper examines possibility of deploying complete edition of prints as unique piece of art. Key words: edition, print, artwork, contemporary art, installation.
Education In /As Art – Miloš Đorđević

Irena R. Knežević, Vladimir M. Ranković FIlIp S. Misita

Post-digital graphics is a general connotation that denotes hybrid use of analog printing techniques and digital technologies in graphics art practices. It brings matrix back into the center of graphic...
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Vladimir Ranković
Irena Knežević

Teresa Anna Ślusarek

The multilevel structure of the graphic recording facilitates the application of the means of expression borrowed from other art disciplines and develops enormous educational potential which can be addressed at...
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Tresesa Anna Slusarek
12:00 - 12:30

Kafe pauza

Maciej Zdanowicz

The subject matter of this paper is graphic art of three Polish printmakers, whoose idea of art based on bulilding croos bridges between visual arts and music, sound and image....
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Maciej Zdanowicz

Ivana Flegar

Experimental methods are more and more used for making a printing plate.New technologies move that same plate from material world in to digital existence and the printing is done on...
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Ivana Flegar

Nikola Radosavljević

The paper examines the mutual relations of printmaking and artist’s books, analyzing artworks made with these combined medium. The artist’s book represents continuance of the expansion of printmaking medium, as...
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Nikola Radosavljević

My Print Or Yours-Bess Frimodig UK

Social media dominate the exchange of images, but I believe in the artist’s prints as a strategy for social engagement drawing on the dynamic between a personal vision and the...
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Bess Frimodig
10:30 - 12:00

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