PrintMaking Biennial coordinates a variety of compelling and engaging exhibitions in various locations to promote the art of printmaking. The Print Biennial brings the work of noteworthy international artists to Čačak and Serbia. Exhibitions and Panels discusions are free and open to the public.

Program of Third Biennial and Academic papers and panel discussions

11/10 19:00h Cultural centre Opening ceremony    
11/10 19:00h historical archive Opening ceremony of the Biennale Chinese selection    
12/10 10:00h-10:15h Regional Center panel Richard Noyce, UK Challenging the status quo - Art in a time of crisis
12/10 10:30h-10:45h Regional Center panel

Teresa Anna Slusarek,

Kielce, Poland

Transgraphic migrations / Parallelism of traditional and contemporary creative methods / geo.graphy of art
12/10 11:00-11:15h Regional Center panel Han Zhi, China Struggle and harmony; The influence of Existentialism on my writing
12/10 11:30-12:00h Regional Center panel Coffee break
12/10 12:00-12:15h Regional Center panel

Ivana Flegar,

Faculty of Applied Art

Collagraphy - experiments in printmaking
12/10 12:30-12:45h Regional Center panel

Teresa Anna Slusarek,

Kielce, Polan

The universality of the term matrix in the process of arts education; Graphic art workshops – an original art-education project
12/10 13:00-13:15h Regional Center panel

Maciej Zdanowicz,

Kielce, Poland

Polish printmaking in the context of the visual music. Graphic practices on the border between image and sound.
12/10 13:30-15:00h Regional Center panel Lunch
12/10 15:00-15:15h Regional Center panel Bess Frimodig, , UK Plurality and eclecticism: My print or yours? Or ours?
12/10 15:30-15:45h Regional Center panel

Radosavljevic Nikola,

Faculty of Applied Arts

Printmaking and artist’s book
12/10 16:00-16:15h Regional Center panel Norma Alejandra Escribano, Argentina El libro de artista / The artist's book
12/10 16:30h- Regional Center panel Free time
12/10 19:00h Eco Park Jelica Opening ceremony of the Biennale- Exhibition of student works Exhibition of student works


Bess Frimodig / England

Maciej Zdanowicz / Poland

Richard Noyce / England

Yuki Nagashima / Finland

Nikola Radosavljevic / Serbia

Han Zhi / China

Ivana Flegar / Serbia

Teresa Anna Ślusarek / Poland

Irena Knežević, Filip Misita and Vladimir Ranković / Serbia

Organizers of the Biennial for the first time introduce a section for academic papers and panel discussions as a program expansion of the 3rd International Biennial of Printmaking Arts in Cacak. The academic approach to the research of printmaking art and other art forms related to it. The objective is establishing a wider platform for research, redefinition and promotion of printmaking art in contemporary environment. The reason for such turn is the apparent multiple appearance of printmaking arts that goes beyond the traditional perceptions of the medium in professional terms as well as under educational circumstances.

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