My Print Or Yours-Bess Frimodig UK

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12 Oct 2018
14:00 - 14:30
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My Print Or Yours-Bess Frimodig UK

Social media dominate the exchange of images, but I believe in the artist’s prints as a strategy for social engagement drawing on the dynamic between a personal vision and the collective. This forces a dilemma: Whose print is it, anyway, then? My own self-expression does not disappear with the Ultimate Socially Engaged Print. It extends the definition of the print. Working through site oriented print collaborations calling on a widespread creative, intellectual, gastronomic and scientific network of experts. Print interventions open creativity in an advanced technocratic and urban society intended to reveal the dynamics and structures of a late capitalistic society and ‘to develop the architectonics of a utopian space of creativity in an increasingly computerised society’ (De Zegher, 2001:19). At Victoria and Albert Museum a 7-meterlong scented scroll 200+ participants printed using plants, herbs, and spices. Working internationally in a multiple of spaces, from museums to the streets I have produced, together with the public, wall-hangings, and 33-meter-long scrolls. I work in hospitals producing fanzines, limited edition cookbooks were written and illustrated by myself, patients, staff, and doctors, we will print on a hospital garden shed turning it into a giant cyanotype sun print.
polISH pRINTMAKINg IN THe coNTexT oF THe VISuAl MuSIc. gRApHIc pRAcTIceS oN THe border between imAge And SouND.
The subject matter of this paper is graphic art of three Polish printmakers, whoose idea of art based on bulilding croos bridges between visual arts and music, sound and image. In this context I mention about the issue of visual music, avant-guarde’s experiments connected to the idea of KarlTranhndorff’s gesamtkunstwerk or Charles Buidellaire’s correspondance des artes, also scientific researching in the field of neuropsychology, neurohistory of art related to the croosborder sensuality like synesthesia and synergic perception. I would like to show analisis of this problem of modern and contemporary, significant for nowadays tendencies about intermediality of art, also printmaking on the some examples from Polish art, like Antoni Haska, Wojciech Krzywobłocki, Antoni Starczewski and others. Also would like to show my experiments in this field, my visual interpretations of monophonic ans polyphonic music, as well as my last attempts where I’m focused of soundscape.

Keywords: visual music, Polish printmaking, synesthesia, Polish contemporary art

Print enables a poetic and expressive form which holds many parts and people together exchanging ideas and discoveries. Yet, my ego hangs in the balance. I cannot claim most of the images to be my own. Only the ones o develop by myself, in my studio, i sign. Creativity and the handmade print used in an advanced technocratic and urban society raise questions regarding the relationship between a fully automated environment and expression. If the non-artist could be creative in the formation of their own life, the need to.
Key words; Multiple, plurality, creativity, self-expression, community, social media